Two New Additions to the Writer’s Toolbox!

I just added two new additions (although two different pages on the same website) that I think you all will like. Check out the Writer’s Toobox for what’s new! You can find both at the bottom of the “General Writing” section.

One of the pages is a random inn generator, complete with a new description, menu, innkeeper, patrons, and rumors every time you hit the button. I particularly liked the menu facet.

The other is an adventure generator. It randomly creates a theme, goal, story hook, plot, climax, setting, villain, moral quandary, and red herring with every push of the button. The detail of each is impressive.


Both of the above websites are fantasy/medieval themed, but if you do a little tweaking, some of the ideas can be used for other genres too. I do recommend that you use these generators as seeds for your own ideas, rather than use what you see verbatim.


I hope you all enjoy! I want to give a special thanks to K. Caffee for bringing this site to my attention. She was the first to recommend a tool for the toolbox that was a genuine suggestion, and not just something for self-promotion. You rock!

8 thoughts on “Two New Additions to the Writer’s Toolbox!

  1. Oh, man, I’ve got some great resources you could use. I’ll send you the links to the sites and stuff when I get to my computer. Tomorrow at the latest. I’m on my phone so it makes it hard. I really like the inn generator, that’s neat.

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  2. Story and idea generators, now that’s something I’ve wanted to take a crack at for a while. The trouble is how it becomes exponentially more work to create more options.

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  3. ::Blushes:: Awww, shucks. Wasn’t expecting anything this nice out of it. I just happened to run across it first. Glad you found it worthwhile. I ran across it looking for information on the culture base I was using for one of my projects. I knew which game system I was looking for, which helped, but I’m sure sooner or later you would have discovered it yourself.


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