Three New Additions to the Writer’s Toolbox!



The Writer’s Toolbox section for self-publishing was a little bare, so I added three more tools to it. You can find the page here. Even if you don’t currently self-publish, it’s good to be aware of what tools are available.

For those who do self-publishing, you know that book covers can be a pain. And when you finally have one, it’s sometimes hard to know whether it’s good. One of the tools is a “hot-or-not” type rating system, where you can submit your cover and have people rate it.

Another of the tools is a book cover critique website, where you submit your cover and a professional critiques it for free.

The third tool is a website that helps you make your own book trailer. These free step-by-step instructions would be needed for someone who isn’t tech savvy.


Another special thanks to K. Caffee for the recommendation.

2 thoughts on “Three New Additions to the Writer’s Toolbox!

  1. Hello! This is a somewhat needlessly formal notification that you have been nominated by be for the One Lovely Blog award. If this nomination makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and you’d like to officially accept and spread the joy, check out this here link to see what that entails:

    If not then just be aware that I just think your blog is pretty awesome. 😉

    On a more relevant note; your toolbox is pretty great Ryan, I’ve been sharing it with everyone I know.

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