Ten Quote Tuesday (#17)



Welcome to another installment of Ten Quote Tuesday! If your creative juices have trouble flowing today, then read these quotes and writing prompts to nudge awake the sleeping muse. If there is a particular quote you enjoyed, let us all know with your comments below.

Check out last week’s episode here.



“Action is eloquence.” -William Shakespeare

“I can fix a bad page. I can’t fix a blank page.” -Nora Roberts

“One kind of [a] good book should leave you asking: how did the author know that about me?” -Alain De Botton

“Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space.” -Orson Scott Card

“If you don’t write the book, the book ain’t gonna get written.” -Tom Clancy

“You can’t be a good writer without being a good thinker.” -Andy Rooney

“Humor is what happens when we’re told the truth quicker and more directly than we’re used to.” -Ann Patchett

“You can solve most of your writing problems if you stop after every sentence and ask: what does the reader need to know next?” -W.M. Zinsser

“Imagination is the real and eternal world of which this vegetable universe is but a faint shadow.” -William Blake

“Write for the most intelligent, wittiest, wisest audience in the universe: write to please yourself.” -Harlan Ellison



Writing Prompts

  • A vegetarian owns a popular butcher shop.
  • Include all of these aspects into a scene: bubble gum, a lemming, an egg-beater, and disappointment.
  • Start out a scene with this phrase, “I refuse to close my eyes anymore.”



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18 thoughts on “Ten Quote Tuesday (#17)”

  1. I think the quote by Andy Rooney is very true. All good pieces of written work take a lot of planning and thought – from shorter essays to lengthy novels. The one by Harlan Ellison makes me smile and it is also very true. If a writer does not like his/her own work, how can he/she expect others to like it? So, definitely, write to please yourself.

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  2. On the back page of Section D of today’s Wall Street Journal is a full page ad for a new Tom Clancy book: “Explosive New Thriller.” Clancy’s name is big on the cover, but the book is written by Mark Greaney who was “Longtime coauthor” with Tom. He was also the longtime latent coauthor, ghostwriter, pencil pusher. When you supposedly quote Tom Clancy it would be more proper and honest for him to say, “If Mark Greaney doesn’t write the book, the book ain’t gonna get written.”

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    1. Awesome! Do me an administrative favor and in your post, link to the Ten Quote Tuesday page that has the writing prompt you are trying out. That will ping to a special folder of mine so that I can easily find it when I’m ready to include it (or one like it) in a Writing Prompt Highlight post.


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