Vote For Your Favorite Blog Post!

Since I started this blog, it has branched into several different series. I would love to hear which type is your favorite. After you vote, check out what everyone else voted to see who agreed with you!

By voting, you are encouraging that type of post to continue to happen, and it would help me to know how to give you all what you’re wanting most.

I know there are many websites where you could instead visit, so I appreciate your readership. I will continue to work to bring you the best information, critique, articles, and interviews I can. If there’s something you really want to see on this blog (but wasn’t included in the poll), please include it in the comments below.

Thank you for your feedback.

12 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favorite Blog Post!

  1. I voted for the critiques (Under the Microscope), but if I could’ve, I’d also have voted for the writing articles and author interviews.

    I also voted for the writing prompts to have its own series. I like reading them, sometimes participating, and getting to see what other authors do with them.

    And I do enjoy the quotes. It was nice, when they got emailed and I could see the picture/quote, right from my inbox. Now that I have to daily go to the website, I find I don’t read them as much (though I understand that, for stat purposes, such readership doesn’t help you). 🙂


  2. It’s harder to answer the second poll, largely due to the ‘assumptions.’ It’s all useful. I like anything that reveals a bit more of yourself to us, your sense of humour, and all that relates to the half-grin in your profile shot. Cheers!


  3. This is a fantastic blog! I don’t always have as much time to read everything as thoroughly as I’d like, but I always find good tips and helpful information here, and I know where to go if I need prompts.

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