Post of the Month!

Curious which post received the most views in the month of January? Check below to see that, as well as a few of the runner-ups. Thank you to all of you faithful viewers who continue to support this blog with your readership. It is much appreciated.


The post that received the most views in the month of January is How to Feel Like Writing Again. I hope it gave many of you the kick you needed to get back to those words.

Spots number 2 and 3 were How Mark Lawrence Became Published: An Interview and 15 Bestselling Authors Who Overcame Rejection.

If you haven’t read one of the three above, take a peek!

Thanks again, everyone, and may the words flow freely.



4 thoughts on “Post of the Month!”

  1. When I write, all I do is write, thus time is my enemy. I admire those who have the stamina to work all day and write all night. And then there is writer’s block … which even having time can’t cure. 🙂 I really did get a big kick out of your post revealing the authors that have been rejected multiple times. That article gave me hope that one day maybe my ‘Brides’ series might take off. Writing is no where near as difficult as marketing is, in my opinion. I am seriously thinking of finding an agent to represent me, but they’d have to be willing to kick in for part of the profits—typical starving artist sob story, huh?


  2. Great post! I may try some of these tips. In my toolbox thus far there is only my “to-do” list of things to do instead of writing. If they gave out Olympic awards for procrastination, I’d be a gold medal winner!


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