New Addition to the Writer’s Toolbox!

Hello writers,

I found an interesting tidbit that I thought would be a great addition to the Writer’s Toolbox. I put it at the bottom of the “General Writing” category.

I’m always on the lookout for neat links to contribute to the Writer’s Toolbox (and if any of you spot something worthy of the list, certainly let me know) to help us all keep the words flowing.

It’s a periodic table for storytelling. Now before you try to recall your chemicals, this isn’t about science. It’s likely shaped that way to have something that’s easy to navigate. The creator of this chart went to great lengths to categorize and describe a large number of story devises, tropes, story modifiers, and hero and villain archetypes.

If you dig a little deeper to the website itself (just by clicking on one of the boxes in the chart) and then click the “toys” along the top left, you’ll find a story idea generator. Just above that is a story pitch generator.

These are simply to get the idea wheel turning, which could be quite helpful to someone who is in need of that spark. As you all check it out, let me know what you think of it via a “like” or comment on the Writer’s Toolbox page.

Write on!



14 thoughts on “New Addition to the Writer’s Toolbox!”

    1. I gotcha. Just click on the link in the Writer’s Toolbox. Then click on any of the “elements” in the periodic table, which will take you to their main website. Then in the top left, it’ll say “toys.” Then just click on that and you’ll see it.

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  1. I wandered off on a link on the periodic table page and ended up at tv tropes – one could never be stuck for an idea again, ever! Bookmarked both. Apparently there is a difference between tropes and cliches. I like the idea of finidng the elements of one and then breaking them. I really must work my way through your handy toolbox.

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      1. That periodic table for storytelling is so awesome! It was designed by James Harris (@DawnPaladin) according to that page. I don’t know if he has any connection to tvtropes or not. What talent! Thanks for sharing Ryan!


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