Extra! Extra! It’s time to unveil my newest exciting blogging venture and the final nail in the coffin of my free time. : )

Today, I’m unveiling the Book Review Directory, which I created about two weeks ago.

I’m pretty excited about this one, as it fills a specific need for authors, book review bloggers, and readers. The Book Review Directory is literally a list of bloggers who do book reviews, all in one convenient place. It also randomly features a book review from one of the bloggers on the list, periodically.

Its focus is on accomplishing three things:

1. Getting your book reviewed: if you’ve written a book, a great way to get the word out about it is to have book reviewers review it and discuss it with their blogging audience. It can be a chore to research book reviewers, so The Book Review Directory does the legwork for you! Just check out the list by genre and find the reviewer that’s right for you.

2. Finding you a great book to read: according to Forbes, between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books/ebooks are published every year in the US alone. Finding a book to read is easy, but finding one to fit your tastes might be more of a challenge. A great (and free) way to sample a book is by reading a review. The many book reviews listed there are the perfect way to find them.

3. Helping book review bloggers find readers: the internet is a big place! To gather an audience for much of anything online is a challenge. The Book Review Directory can help to showcase review talent and help readers to find your blog/website.


The book review facet is an important one to authors. It’s a key way to let people know about your book to an existing audience. I’ve heard from authors who have torn out their hair out when trying to collect a list of book reviewers to submit to. The Book Review Directory solves that problem.

If you’re a book review blogger and you’d like to be invited to be listed on the directory, you are welcome to fill out the form under “Join the List.” It’s completely free to be listed, and you can also access some fun badges.

I’ll be sharing exposure to some of the same book reviews on this blog, as a way to get the word out about some great books and authors. A lot of the indie reviews are interesting, as one might not know about them if not for a review.

I have been counting down the days to this announcement. I hope that you all enjoy the work that has gone into putting it all together. I appreciate those who re-blog, Tweet, and Facebook post aspects of the new blog to help announce its Grand Opening.

Thank you to all of my readers to this blog and the next.

Write on!