Cover Reveal for My New eBook



Below, I’ll share with you the book cover to my new ebook.

In a recent post, I hinted about a novelette ebook that I’m working on. At the time, I just finished the first draft of my most recent full-length novel, and I wanted to do a new project before I dive into the edits.

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Minding Your Pinch Points in Fiction Writing



by Sue Coletta


A few people have recently asked me what Pinch Points are, which made me wonder if others are struggling with what they are and how to use them. After a quick Google search, I realized there isn’t really much written on the subject, oddly enough. And they are crucial milestones in fiction writing because they show the face of evil in its purest form.

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The Directory is Growing!



If you were a follower of this blog last month, you may remember how I started a directory for book reviewers. The goal was to create a listing of dependable book reviewer blogs, where an author, self-published or traditional, could submit their book to. With the hassle of research out of the way, it provides a quick list for authors to go down the line on who to contact about reviewing their book.

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Author Earnings Report May 2015



Welcome to the May 2015 Author Earnings Report. This is our sixth quarterly look at Amazon’s ebook sales, with data taken on over 200,000 bestselling ebooks. With each report over the past year and a half, we have come to see great consistency in our results, but there is always something new that surprises us.

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