The Directory is Growing!



If you were a follower of this blog last month, you may remember how I started a directory for book reviewers. The goal was to create a listing of dependable book reviewer blogs, where an author, self-published or traditional, could submit their book to. With the hassle of research out of the way, it provides a quick list for authors to go down the line on who to contact about reviewing their book.

A nice side benefit is for people looking for the next great book to read, as I duplicate the same book reviews listed on this blog.

As a fun little announcement, I wanted to let you all know that the Book Review Directory now has 65 book reviewers listed in 27 different genres/market categories. As the list of reviewers grow, I’m glad to hear that the free listing has been helpful to people.

A lot of authors don’t capitalize on the usefulness of book reviewers as much as they should, as they are an excellent resource to get the word out about your latest book. I’m currently working on a horror novelette that I will be self-publishing, and I know that once I finish it, I will be submitting it to the book reviewers on the list, myself.

Thank you to everyone for not only their readership on the Book Review Directory blog, but also this one as well. A Writer’s Path wouldn’t be anywhere without you, faithful reader, and I appreciate every time you visit.

Write on!


19 thoughts on “The Directory is Growing!

  1. I don’t know. The state of literary criticism in this country is so bound to the sale of the reviewer’s next book, that nothing is said. First thing to know is a dictionary of cliches, nothing that means anything, just words and adjectives that convey nothing.


  2. Add me in for those niche writers who do Catholic Fiction. I’m a reviewer for Tuscany Press at Although I specialize in classic works, I can recommend a book for review, or authors can request a review directly. If it’s Southern Gothic though…I’ll take first dibs 😉

    Kassie Ritman


  3. Ryan, thank you for creating this directory. I just sent in a request for review form to one of the reviewers. Whether they accept my book for review or not, thank you for giving me somewhere to at least ask 🙂


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