Cover Reveal for My New eBook



Below, I’ll share with you the book cover to my new ebook.

In a recent post, I hinted about a novelette ebook that I’m working on. At the time, I just finished the first draft of my most recent full-length novel, and I wanted to do a new project before I dive into the edits.

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Book Review – Half the World

Half the World


I was very excited for this book, so much so that I pre-ordered it and not-so patently waited for it to come out. I was not disappointed. This follow up to Half A King was a little bit of a surprise in the total shift in protagonist. I was expecting Yarvi to be a larger part of the story. This I thought was going to be a big disappointment; I had grown rather found of the deep, cunning Yarvi. As it turns out, the new characters are awesome, and Yarvi is still around to root for.

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