Cover Reveal for My New eBook



Below, I’ll share with you the book cover to my new ebook.

In a recent post, I hinted about a novelette ebook that I’m working on. At the time, I just finished the first draft of my most recent full-length novel, and I wanted to do a new project before I dive into the edits.

Interestingly enough, I had no idea what new project I was going to  write until the night prior. I’ve heard stories about writers dreaming up the plot line to a novel and thought it a bit silly, admittedly, until now.

I received a text in the middle of the night that had a creepy vibe to it. That next morning, I discovered that it was a wrong number, but after reading it at 3 am, my mind started working on it, and I dreamed up the seed to this story.

For now, I’m going to save the description and further details for the full announcement, which will happen in about a week, but I at least wanted to share the cover with you all, created by the fantastic Rocking Book Covers. He does great work on print and ebook covers, so if you have a need for such things, he’s the one that you’ll want to check out.

Unknown Sender

I’m excited for the launch and the moment when I can announce to you all that it’s live. I feel fortunate to have such a wonderful group of readers/followers. It frequently happens that when I bring on a guest for a writing post, they say how positive, communicative, and interactive you all are. You rock.

Until then, I’d love to hear your comments and feedback on the cover.

Write on!



53 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for My New eBook

  1. Interesting I like that I had to turn it to see the face head on. I’ve been studying book covers and who did it so ill add it to my list of possibilities.


      1. I be broke at times, but if that ebook 2.99 or less, I am buying it…You got me on a sure shot purchase and download. Of course the sale with go for me and @RawMultimedia… 🙂 We support you 100%.


  2. So cool. These covers always amaze me. They’re pretty much done with computer software, right? The Rolling Writer (Christina Ochs) just got the one done for her first book. It was so perfect for her story. Good luck, btw.


  3. I think it’s the oil on the water that makes it particularly unsettling (as well as adding a nice visual texture to the pic). It makes you wonder what the hell she’s lying in. And why. And why is she looking at me? Tell her to stop! 😮


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