Ten Quote Tuesday (#49)



Welcome to another installment of Ten Quote Tuesday! If your creative juices have trouble flowing today, then read these quotes to nudge awake the sleeping muse.

If there is a particular quote you enjoyed, let us all know with your comments below.

Check out last week’s episode here.



“No book can ever be finished. While working on it we learn just enough to find it immature the moment we turn away from it” -Karl Popper

“When the writer (or the artist in general) says he has worked without giving any thought to the rules of the process, he simply means he was working without realizing he knew the rules.” -Umberto Eco, Postscript to the Name of the Rose

“All words are masks and the lovelier they are, the more they are meant to conceal.” -Steven Millhauser

Writing a long and substantial book is like having a friend and companion at your side, to whom you can always turn for comfort and amusement, and whose society becomes more attractive as a new and widening field of interest is lighted in the mind.” -Winston S. Churchill

“A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam.” -Frederik Pohl

“If you are in difficulties with a book, try the element of surprise: attack it at an hour when it isn’t expecting it.” -H.G. Wells

“You either have to write or you shouldn’t be writing. That’s all.” -Joss Whedon

“The writer must be universal in sympathy and an outcast by nature: only then can he see clearly.” -Julian Barnes, Flaubert’s Parrot

“A novel is a mirror walking along a main road.” -Stendhal, The Red and the Black

“Strong words outlast the paper they are written upon. ” -Joseph Bruchac, Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two



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8 thoughts on “Ten Quote Tuesday (#49)

  1. “All words are masks and the lovelier they are, the more they are meant to conceal.” -Steven Millhauser Good Lord! That quote gave me quite a turn. I hope that isn’t always so!


  2. Fiction: a feigning, a shaping, something molded. Who pays for the vacation and takes home the poster? Art is artifice. Or,

    ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’

    Pop quiz: who’s the fictionalist who wrote this couplet?


  3. I particularly like the one about words being a mask – I’m a great believer in using as simple words as possible, and not dressing writing up in beautiful words that have to be looked up or guessed to get the meaning.
    Conversely, I love when a writer (especially poetry) naturally writes with an obviously greater knowledge of words so, when only a particular word will do, they know exactly when to use it…then, it’s a wonderful thing to stop & look it up if you don’t know it 🙂


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