Pick Your Favorite Book Cover


Hello everyone. I’m seeking your opinion.

I’m close to publishing my next ebook. This one is non-fiction, with 1,000 story ideas and writing prompts for fiction writers. There’s an intro discussing methods for creating your own ideas, then it launches into the writing prompts themselves.

I’m having the book cover professionally done by the fantastic Adrijus at Rocking Book Covers. If you ever need a book cover made, he’s the person to talk to. He’s quite talented. His bread-and-butter are gritty thriller covers, but as you can see, he’s versatile in many genres.

Here are the two cover types I have it narrowed down to. Please pick your favorite and tell me via the poll below. I value your feedback.

Idea Factory 2 sm       Idea Factory 3 sm





29 thoughts on “Pick Your Favorite Book Cover”

  1. Personally, I really like the first cover (the blue one) but it looks like a novel cover, maybe a mystery, whereas the second cover is more bland but doesn’t have the ‘novel’ feel. Hopefully that helps.

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  2. Although simplicity is in style this year, I don’t think the cover with the bubbles is that memorable. I chose the typewriter one simply because it caught my attention first.


  3. I’v voted for the right one (the one with the four bubbles) and I would like to explain why. Looking at the left one my immediate impression is that this is a story called _Idea Factory_, possibly about the person sitting there, maybe even a mystery story (missing head of the person) and only after reading the sub-title I realize that this is in fact a non-fiction book. When I look at the right cover, the main circle with the light-bulb in the head (which is simply *the* metaphor for ideas) instantly tells me that this is about _getting ideas_ and the smaller circles symbolize different approaches for that.
    Disclaimer: Although enjoy writing, I am an engineer by profession 😉


  4. The typewriter is cliche — how many of us have such an antique? The color is gloomy. I feel like that writer is locked in a dungeon. We can’t see his face, but I imagine that “finding his next bestseller” is a chore for him. I suppose it depends who your target audience is?


  5. The blue one with the typewriter shouts ‘writing info’ far more immediately, just because of the image.
    The other cover would be ideas for anything unless you take the time to read the subtitle.


  6. I personally prefer the blue although it looks more like a mystery with the smoky effect. The white cover looks much more like a self-help book though.


  7. The one with the typewriter has more of a fiction feel to it. The other one reminds me of thought bubbles and mind-mapping. Congratulations though! Exciting to have a helpful book “out there” for people to discover!


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