Happy (belated) 2016 everyone! In the spirit of the new year, I thought it would be fun to highlight the top 10 most popular writing tips posts of the last year, based on page views viewed in that year.

Starting with the most popular:

  1. How to Write 5,000 Words a Day (featured by Amazon’s KDP Facebook page)
  2. Top 10 Best Book Opening Lines
  3. Why So Many People Write at Starbucks
  4. 6 Unique Ways to Think Up Story Ideas
  5. How the Seven-Point Story Structure Can Help Your Writing
  6. How to Feel Like Writing Again
  7. 5 Ways to Stretch Your Word Count
  8. 150 DIY Ways to Market Your Book
  9. 10 Commonly Misused Words in Writing
  10. The Four Women-in-Fantasy Tropes I’m Bored With