Book Quote Corner


“Home isn’t where you’re from; it’s where you find light when all grows dark.”

-Golden Son (written by Pierce Brown)




The Lighter Side of CollectingThe Lighter Side of Collecting

Discover the funny, quirky world of collecting with a seasoned dealer/collector and an award-winning cartoonist, John Stinger. From rarified antiques and vintage collectibles to pop culture junkathons, Stinger takes you on a laugh-out-loud insider’s journey of chasing treasures, with more twists and turns than your grandmother’s repurposed settee! No matter what your venue: picking-pawning, wheeling-dealing, estate auctions, flea, internet, or garage sale extravaganzas, this classic collection of humor, including 200 fresh-to-the-market cartoons, is a must-have for you, your friends, customers and others bitten by the collecting bug.







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