How to Keep Your Blog Alive



by Vincent Mars


Wouldn’t it be wonderful for your children and grandchildren to read your blog? Okay, maybe not all of it, but your best posts, those which have touched upon matters that are precious to you, or that have informed, entertained, or enlightened others.

I don’t know if I’ll ever have children, let alone grandchildren, but if I do, I’d be happy if one day, when they have nothing better to do, they will check my blog. Meanwhile, let’s keep our blogs alive, shall we?

In my last post I wrote about blogging fatigue, how it afflicts us all, how it can be one of the major challengers we face as bloggers. Following that post, several people have asked me how old my blog is and what has kept me going – understandably so, since many blogs are abandoned months or even weeks after they are created.

I have been blogging for 4 years now – not bad for a high-school drop-out – and so I feel I have been around here for long enough to tell all the new bloggers reading this a thing or two about blogging continuity.


Make Your Blog Personal

This is the best way to keep your blog alive. If your blog isn’t personal, if it doesn’t touch on matters close to your heart, if it’s just about other people, news, events, or ideas, there’s a good chance you’ll become bored with it sooner or later. I’m not saying your blog should be a diary or necessarily autobiographical.

Only that whatever you blog about – even if it’s seemingly impersonal, like business, politics, technology, or ancient Greece – it has to be viewed through your eyes, and related to your own thoughts, feelings, experiences, and interests. It should be easily recognizable by anyone who knows you as a digital extension of your self.


Set a Posting Schedule

It can be once or twice a week – which is what I’ve done lately – or if you don’t have time, it can be even once every two weeks or once a month – it all depends on how much time you have and what blogging means to you. If you’re a spontaneous, whimsy, or dreamy person, you probably won’t like the thought of having a posting schedule, but such is our mind that if we set goals and deadlines, it is more active and performs better.

A posting schedule helps you turn blogging into a pleasant habit. So pick a day, and pick an hour, too, and write them down somewhere. And if the posting doesn’t come easy, force yourself a little. Consider blogging an exercise – in practicing your English, introspecting, musing, overcoming doubts and showing your artworks to the world, or whatever it is you are trying to do with your blog. Long-term blogging is a bit like mental weight lifting, and so it’s not always easy.


Write Posts or Create Content In Advance

Once blogging loses its sense of newness, it can feel like a chore, like work even. Your conscience encourages you to tend to it, but your mind has plenty of worries already and would rather lounge on Facebook or relax on YouTube. Blogging is more demanding than other social efforts because it requires creative energy.

This creative energy waxes and wanes, comes and goes… When you feel inspired, create not one post, but two. They can both be drafts. Then, when posting day comes, you have at least one draft to work into a post, and you can’t use writer’s block as an excuse.


Other things you can try

  • Establish friendships with bloggers you like by commenting on their blogs and interacting with them – the social element of blogging can be even more encouraging than a posting schedule
  • Invite guest bloggers to post on your blog
  • Change your blog’s look and feel every now and then, bringing freshness to it
  • Enable Publicize to share your blog posts on Facebook and other social media and constantly remind your friends and family about your blog
  • Blog not only for yourself, but for others, too – if your posts have value for others, if at least one other person enjoys them and looks forward to them, you will be motivated to carry on
  • Give me your blog address so I can check it out – you may win a new follower : )

Now let me ask you – for how long have you been blogging? And have you reserved a place for your blog in your future, or is it only a whim, a digital defense against boredom?



Guest post contributed by Vincent Mars. Vincent is a Romanian with a dream: to write stories in English. Check out his blog for more of his articles and information about his book, 50 Word Stories.

22 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Blog Alive

  1. I have been blogging for around 10 months.. And in the first few months I struggled to find content . Then I started blogging weekly and on personal or related topics. . Thanks for the tips and nice post.


  2. These are all excellent suggestions for keeping a blog alive. My blogging schedule is hit or miss. Either I regularly post three-ish times a week, or it’s like pulling teeth to even get out one blog post in a week. I never seem to get around to finishing and publishing drafts of posts. I’d love to get myself on a schedule of pre-writing blog posts but haven’t quite figured out how establish the habit.


  3. I’ve been blogging (this time around) for only about 6 months. It’s still fun and exciting but I’m beginning to see fatigue ahead. Not because I don’t have something wonderful to write about, but more because everything else that makes up life is starting to encroach. All those outside factors are taking up a lot of time – but having read this post, I feel like I can make a plan to stay on top of my blogging and not burn out so soon! Thanks!


  4. Thanks Vincent. I started getting regular viewers with regular posts. I try to keep up with three times a week. (I will admit to some creative editing to manage content for that time.) My biggest problem right now is probably a lack of variety of material. Thanks for your suggestions and I hope you can visit my blog some time.



  5. i’ve been blogging for a year now and i definitely feel the fatigue sometimes! i’ve tried to do a regular schedule but can’t seem to commit so i sometimes update a week in a row and then don’t for 3 days, and the likes. i’ve also found that personal is the way to go 😀

    i blog at and


  6. Great advice! I started a blog several years ago and abandoned it shortly after its conception. I really didn’t understand the whole blogging culture, at the time. So, I’ve lived and learned and now I’m trying to stick with it and continually create content on my new blog.
    I especially like the bit about creating more than one blog when the creative juices are flowing and saving one for another time. Excellent idea, and one that has crossed my mind as well.
    By the way, thank you for stopping in and taking a look at my blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Great advice for bloggers new, disillusioned, and a bit lost.
    I’ll re-blog this (I ‘specialise’ in being an example on how not to do things, so I like to add valuable and positive posts to the blog)


  8. I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now and it’s great to see that someone has kept it up for 4 years. If you can do it, I can do it too! :)


  9. I’ve been blogging since November ish, so… about six months. (Maybe it is time to change my blog layout up a bit.) I’ve settled on a posting schedule where I post my weekly gratitude list (written piece by piece every day) on Sundays, a “whatever I feel like” post on Mondays, my writing word counts for the past week on Tuesdays, and somethings based on a quote on Wednesdays. Any posts on other days are extra! I just finished the A to Z blogging challenge in April and that was a little too fast paced for me to maintain indefinitely, but it was still a good experience.


  10. You make it look so simple 🙂
    I tried doing most of these and yes, I’m still gaining one or two followers every few days and I’m totally happy with that, but it looks to me some people are way more successful. But I guess I’m blogging mostly for my own satisfaction and if I’ll get few responses now and then, it’s great.


  11. I am happy to have stumbled across your blog. I look forward to reading more . I agree with the scheduling and the writing ahead suggestion. Sometimes life gets in the way and its comforting to know that posts will still be on time.

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  12. I love what you have written here! I’ve been blogging for little under a year, and I’ve been loving it. Blogging to me never feels like a chore, it instead feels like a way for me to unravel after a long day’s work. I like to blog, and I like even more to see a finished, published, and edited post. It makes me feel so happy that that piece of work is mine, and that that piece of work is something that someone loves to read each day. It may be hard, but I have to say, the outcome is truly amazing.


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