Contest Time!



Hello readers and writers!

Today marks the first day in a month-long contest. The talented Sean Lowery with High Impact Covers and author Allison Maruska have generously donated prizes to 6 winners. Here’s what 6 lucky people will win:

-First place:   A custom book cover design (print and web ready) valued at $499 USD. Within 3 days, you receive the first draft. Each book cover has a unique, premium design. See below for examples from his portfolio.

-Second place:  A custom ebook cover design (web only) valued at $299. Within 3 days, you receive the first draft. Each book cover has a unique, premium design. See below for examples from his portfolio.

-Third place:  A pre-made ebook cover design valued between $50-$160. Every High Impact Premade Book Cover Design is unique and will only be sold one time.

drake-and-the-fliers-Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth place: All four of Allison Maruska’s books: The Fourth Descendant, Project Renovatio, Project Liberatio, and Drake and the Fliers (print or ebook – your choice).

These prizes give a variety for both the hardworking author who could use a great cover, as well as the reader looking for a gripping new book to read.

There are two ways you can enter the contest. You can do either (one entry to win) or both (two entries to win – higher chance of winning):

One way is to subscribe to my free newsletter (termed Applebury Press) between December 15th, 2016 and January 15th, 2017 (30 days). If you’re already a subscriber, then you are automatically entered into the contest (which is a good reason to stay subscribed to be automatically entered into future contests).

The second way is to purchase my book, The Idea Factory: 1,000 Story Ideas and Writing Prompts to Find Your Next Bestseller, and email me with the first sentence of writing prompt number 627. All emails must be received between December 15th and January 15th.

Here’s how the drawing will go: the day after the contest ends, I will randomly draw 6 entries. Those 6 will be the winners (first prize to the first drawing, and so on). I will give those 6 people redemption codes to give to Sean and Allison when they contact them. See below for further details.

Even outside of the contest, High Impact Covers’s services are well worth looking into. If you’d like more information about his services, contact him. It’s well worth bookmarking his website.

Allison Maruska’s books run the gambit between historical mystery, YA urban fantasy, and YA sci-fi mystery. There’s something to love for everyone in there. Her top book has over 500 book reviews, and she has it translated into German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Afrikaans.

Until then, write on!





























Further contest details: The window of time for redemption is 6 months after the contest ends; the prize will expire at that point. Communication occurs via email with Sean Lowery and Allison Maruska regarding the execution and creation of the prizes.

*Pre-made covers depend on availability. Any pre-made covers you see now could change by the contest’s end. First come, first serve.






15 thoughts on “Contest Time!

  1. I looked for High Impact covers on Google in hopes that even if I don’t win, I could still maybe use the service, but trying to access the website gave me this weird message about logging in. How is this supposed to work?


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