7 thoughts on “Book Quote Corner #42

  1. Reblogged this on A Grateful Man and commented:
    I’m often in awe when opening a book for the first time that the author’s story has patiently waited for me, sometimes for centuries, to be released as a genie from a bottle for me to experience the treasures within. Together, the author and I bring the characters and stories to life in a way that is unique to us. What a blessing it is that every reader can do the same.
    With Love,


  2. Great quote. Having worked in a library long ago, I can relate to the agony of the ‘Unread’ books. Why do we assume that it is only us (human) who are hurt when neglected, ignored and forgotten.
    Books are throbbing with an equal amount of life of its own….any book lover will tell you how the pages murmur when turned; the aroma of fresh printing ink make your head sway and the words come rushing to embrace you…..and I have not yet started on the characters in the story….they are the ones who are alive. The characters breathe in the real life in any book.
    Just like Mind is synonymous with thoughts. A book means pages filled with characters, personalities, behavior, eccentricity, cruelty, love, passion, travel….everything that our own life has to offer.
    A book like any other being, waits to be discovered…to unveil the secrets guarded in the pages….to unleash the emotions it holds in its folds….like man let no book ever lie neglected, forgotten and abandoned in the library.
    Thank you.


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