Vote On My New Idea!

Hi all! It’s your resident blog host, Ryan, here. I hope you all have been enjoying these fabulous guest posts. I’m pretty excited about reaching 10,000 subscribers here soon!

Anyway, I have a new idea, and I wanted your feedback on it.

Most (if not all) my readers and subscribers are writers. Because of my position in the writer community, I have connections with service providers, such as editors, book cover designers, book coaches, book commercial makers, beta readers, people who do book formatting, etc.

So, I’m considering putting a group of them together (I have no idea how long that would take, but I’m willing to try!) and offer for them to provide certain services or bundles together at a heavily discounted rate, say half-price or whatnot.

THEN I would hold an event for those interested to bid on those services! The “win” for the service providers is to receive free (monetarily speaking) promotion for their services, and the “win” for you all are heavily discounted bookish services. And as an author myself, I know the value of discounted services to help get our words into book form.

So, what do you think? I’d only put this together if there’s enough interest from ya’ll. If you could, please place your anonymous vote in the poll below to let me know. Thanks!

Also, if you’re a service provider like the ones I described above (having to do with writing or publishing), and you’re interested in participating by providing your services up for bid (you receive the proceeds from the bids), contact me here.


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