The State Of The European EBook Market

by Michael Kozlowski from Good e-Reader

The European e-book market has been growing since 2007 when Amazon started selling the original Kindle. Over the course of the next ten years many companies have started to sell digital books, magazines and newspapers. Have you ever wondered what EU markets have the highest e-book penetration and how much the format is generating in revenue? Welcome to the state of the European e-book market.

It is estimated that e-books now account for 7% of the total publishing market in Europe, with significant differences between countries. The graph above shows the proportion of digital sales in the overall book market in some selected countries; in some cases the figures distinguish between the sales of e-books as such and the broader sales of digital products from publishers (such as databases and subscriptions).

E-books have gone a long way since 10 years ago, when they were little more than an interesting novelty, or even since 5 years ago – in 2011 they represented no more than 1% of the book market everywhere (except in the UK, where e-book sales were 4% of the total and digital sales were 8%).


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