Book Giveaway! The Navigators


Hello everyone! I’m hosting a book giveaway for Dan Alatorre regarding The Navigators,  a time traveling science fiction novel. It has a high customer review rating, and the cover looks pretty darn cool. I thought, why not?

Here’s how it works:

There have been a solid group of readers of this website who reblog and give shout-outs to the articles here. I’m so grateful to these people, as it’s a great way to reach potential new readers.

So, I want to utilize this giveaway as a thank-you to those people. Therefore, for the next 15 posts, I’ll be giving away one book (one book per post) to one person (chosen at random) who reblogs or gives a shout-out (classified when someone links to the article in a post of their own). The giveaway ends when the last of the 15 books is given away.

On top of that, Dan has graciously said that he’ll make the book either an eBook or a print copy, and if it’s a print copy, he’ll make it a signed copy.

You’ll know you’re the randomly selected person because I’ll message you in the comment section of the article.

Thanks to everyone who reads and shares the articles on A Writer’s Path. Your readership is what makes this website work. Read below for a book summary for The Navigators.



The Navigators

A freak landslide at a remote Florida mine uncovers a strange machine to Barry’s group of paleontology students. Rumors spread about the discovery of a time machine, creating risks everywhere: a trusted classmate betrays them, and a corrupt school official tries to sell the machine to another university.

When power company executives learn it may contain a unique fuel system that would put them out of business, possessing the machine becomes a matter of life and death. Now on the run, Barry’s team struggles to keep their amazing discovery – but using it has consequences more severe than anyone can predict.




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