Top Writing Tips Posts of Winter 2016/2017


Hello everyone! Spring is here, so it’s time to take a look back to check out the top writing tips posts of this past winter. Feel free to click any of the links below to take a read. Results are calculated by page views.


1. Dear Writer: Stop Releasing So Many Novels

2. 19 Self-Editing Tips For Your Writing 

3. 5 Mistakes Authors Make on Social Media 

4. 20 Ways to Get Yourself Out There as a Writer 

5. 10 Things I’ve Learned From Self-Publishing 

6. Reading is Not the Same After Writing

7. The Most Misunderstood Writing Advice: Write What You Know






12 thoughts on “Top Writing Tips Posts of Winter 2016/2017

  1. Reblogged this on Michael Seidel, writer and commented:
    I’m always hunting reminders and new insights. I worry that my writing will be too stale, my plots have become moribund and predictable, my dialogue and the characters uttering them are trite and lame.

    I worry that I don’t know, understand or comprehend enough about grammar and punctuation. Yes, there are editors who can help with these matters, but I want to be right. I want to learn. I want to be better.

    And I know that I struggle to write, that I’ll always struggle, but I keep trying. So posts like this, with links to other insights, are useful to me. I never know where I’ll find a fresh nugget of understanding or a reminder.

    So I repost this for others. I’m just spreading the information. The links were useful to me; maybe, they’ll be useful to you.


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