Who Gives a Tweet? On the Value of Twitter


by Dr. Kent Gustavson

Who gives a tweet about Twitter?

Why cut tiny, 140-character pieces out of your soul (read: intellectual property) and post them, piece by valuable piece, onto Twitter? These ideas become no more significant than gnats in the summer night sky. Or do they? My opinion is that Twitter is THE best marketplace of ideas that will help you down the road to developing a real community of like-minded followers

Twitter can make a big difference in personal and corporate branding. I talk in the brief video above about the “A.R.R.R.” of branding. (Go ahead, say it like a pirate.)

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How an Amateur Writer Becomes an Expert


by Meg Dowell

Here’s the thing about writing: everyone starts at the bottom. Some work their way up to the middle. A select few manage to climb to the very top. That’s how it is with any profession. You have no idea what you’re doing. You start to figure it out. At some point you probably come to a crossroads, where you decide how much of a priority you want writing to be in your life. Do you want to advance – or are you happy at the level you stand on now?

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