E-Books Decline 16.4% and Audiobooks Increase By 29.2%

by Michael Kozlowski at Good e-Reader

The Association of American Publishers has reported that from January to November 2016 e-books declined by 16.4% and digital audiobooks increased by 29.2%.

This is good news for the audio industry that has been consistently been seeing massive gains over the past three years.

Trade Books

From Jan. – Nov. 2016 vs. the same time in 2015 trade books were flat at 0.5% growth year-to-date.


Check out the rest of the article at Good e-Reader.





7 thoughts on “E-Books Decline 16.4% and Audiobooks Increase By 29.2%

  1. Yes, it’s very interesting how the shift has seen more customers purchasing Audio to the Written word, that’s why I’ll be producing my own audio book and using ACX to complete the unabridged file to add to Audible. Everyone I know has always called me Johns due to my unique ability to sound like a dozen different people when I choose to.
    So why not use my talent to my own advantage for once. Apparently the latest in craze at the moment is a writer doing the audio to their book, mainly because they know more about the characters than anyone else.


  2. I can understand with the shift, I usually put off audio books, but recently I have started hearing a lot of audio books and I am impressed. If the voice of the reader is good , I like to listen, if not it kind of puts me off. Then I will opt to read the book.


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