What Am I Supposed to Write?


by Cátia Isabel Silva

Have you ever asked yourself if you should write about something or if it is a bad idea? That’s probably one of the major unanswered questions of every writer.

It’s complicated to decide on what you should write and how to go about it. If sometimes you have some sort of inspiration, at other times, you might sit down in front of your computer (or any kind of blank page) and have no clue as to how to fill it up.

There is no simple answer to this question though. I guess it doesn’t really matter, since you need to keep in mind your particular audience and its characteristics or traits.



Each genre has a specific type of audience, that’s a fact. But, even more importantly, each genre tends to elicit some specific reaction out of its readers. Someone will choose your book by the feelings they believe they’ll achieve with it and that’s, for the most part, determined by the genre. So, you must know, really understand, the genre you choose and what people seek within books in that genre. Then proceed to write accordingly.

The story means what the reader wants it to mean

No matter what the story means to you, the reader will give it a significance of his own and you should take this into consideration. He or she will feel the story according to his or her life experiences and their own particular vision of the world.

Don’t worry. This is often a good thing! Your readers and their emotions will turn your words into something lively, filled with deeper meaning.

What should my major concerns be?

As was said before, the genre you write in makes all the difference, yet, there are some points you can take into consideration.

Characters should be deep and raise or elicit some feelings in your readers. Most of the readers want to feel as though the character could be a friend of theirs. So, it must be somehow realistic, making them feel like that particular character is indeed alive.

You should promote curiosity. The best book is the one you can’t seem to put down. Try to provoke that kind of situation within your story. Make your readers curious enough to the point they want, or even feel a need, to know what happens in the next page.

They often want to feel. Be attentive in your descriptions with the characters feelings and write it down filled with little details, so your readers can feel along with them. When reading a book, people like to be immersed in a new reality. You must make that worth it.

A book has within it something magical. The imagination is unique and when shared with other people it can give you something wonderful. Use it in your favor and attract your audience through something wild or unexpected.




Guest post contributed by by Cátia Isabel Silva. Catia is a Portugal native who works in the school system. In 2010, she wrote New World as her debut novel.

8 thoughts on “What Am I Supposed to Write?

  1. Well, usually writers know the genre they want to write in, so it might be not that difficult to find the right one. The struggle occurs every time you, as a writer, trying to come up with something original within your chosen genre. This is where you may find yourself staring at the blank page not knowing what to do.


  2. I’ve been struggling with this very decision. I write short stories in Mainstream Fiction, but I feel like I’m writing in the wrong genre and format because I don’t feel a lot of support. Everything is geared toward young audiences. It makes sense. But I find it hard to identify with the younger crowd because so much has changed since I was a youth. I just feel like there’s not an audience for my kind of writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can understand that.
      Sometimes a writer is working truly alone and wondering if anyone will ever care to read what they have written. As I see it there are readers for everything that can be written…. (At this point it is customary to add ‘It Just Needs’…or ‘Have You Tried’…or some such phrases likely to drive you nuts or into gloom).
      I write for its own sake. I write because I can. I put my work out there and then in this computer era; that work belongs to History. Someone will read it at some time. The work has been accomplished.
      If you are writing then you are achieving by creating. And no one can take that from you.
      Strive on. Create.
      And best wishes in all your efforts.


  3. Very wise and sound words.
    I have been bumbling about the place and learning by so many mistakes I surely must be in line to write a literary masterpiece! (Hah!)
    Still this time I am really pleased with the way the latest effort is coming together; some folk might even want to read it! (Yea Team-Hopeful!)


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