Barnes & Noble CEO Uses Amazon to Justify His Company’s Continued Existence

by Laura Northrup at the Consumerist

In the age of online shopping, are bookstores irrelevant? The new CEO of big-box bookstore chain Barnes & Noble doesn’t think so. If they were, why would Amazon be opening physical bookstores across the country, with a new one opening in New York City tomorrow? He sees this growth as proof that bookstores are still relevant.

Demos Parneros joined Barnes & Noble last month after a long career with Staples, and doesn’t believe that the bookstore business is doomed.

“Amazon opening physical bookstores, that’s a bit of a validation that it’s a good business to be in,” told Fortune magazine in a recent interview.


Read the full article at the Consumerist.

13 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble CEO Uses Amazon to Justify His Company’s Continued Existence

  1. Yes! Where would we be without bookstores! There is nothing more wonderful that going to a bookstore and spending a few enjoyable hours being in a very rarefy atmosphere where all the great writers works live. K D

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  2. No matter where I have lived writers typically meet at bookstores. Book clubs often like to do the same too. It just makes sense. So yes, besides people loving the feel of a written book in their hands – bookstores are still necessary because we bookworms need our Mecca! Lol.

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  3. Bookstores to me are what Willy Wonka’s factory was to kids (and yes, sometimes I rock my purple clothes and hear “Pure Imagination” in my head while wandering the aisles).

    Online just isn’t the same–you gotta pick up a book to really get the feel of what you want.

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  4. I hopped over from Kim’s blog. Boy, do I feel stupid. How did I miss that Amazon was opening physical bookstores?

    I purchase a lot of books online, but nothing beats going into a store and browsing. Kudos to B&Ns CEO. I wish Borders had hung in there. Fortunately, I have a Books-A-Million in my area, so there is still brick and mortar store available.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

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  5. Personally, I prefer a book store. Why? Because I can walk in, touch a book, feel its pages, get that new book smell in my nose, and leave with a newly purchased book in hand. With online stores and shipping, I have to wait for the book to arrive and hope it isn’t damaged and all that by the time it gets to me.

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