Does Publishing Have a Future Without Amazon?


by Mercy Pilkington at GoodEreader

With the end of a pretty rough year behind us and the first few weeks of 2017 under our belts, it’s a good time to take a deep breathe and take stock of the state of publishing. There’s perhaps no more comprehensive analysis of the current trends than the annual Smashwords Book Industry Predictions, written each year by founder and CEO Mark Coker.

Before looking at Coker’s thoughts on the industry, it’s important to refamiliarize with a company that has been quietly plugging along in the retail ebook space all this time. While major name startups have come and gone and some of the once-power players in digital publishing have found new jobs elsewhere–heck, even ePub has found a new home after the IDPF voted to let it live under the W3C umbrella–Smashwords has been doing it what it does all this time, which is making book publishing and buying possible for a lot of people.


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5 thoughts on “Does Publishing Have a Future Without Amazon?

  1. I have been self-publishing for awhile, and I have to say Amazon has gotten worse. The guidelines have become impossible, and the quality of the books is spotty. Not to mention the money isn’t what it once was. My 242-page novel, which is fair priced, only allows me .36 cent royalties.

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