Introducing My Patreon Page!

Hi everyone!

Due to people asking for additional ways of support, I’ve decided to start a Patreon page. With it, I intend to feature writing tips articles in addition to what I post here, as well as giveaways, contests, and perks/rewards to you, dear reader.

If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a website where people support their favorite content creators, bloggers, artists, podcasters, Youtubers, and musicians. In return for their support, the content creators give out neat rewards, perks, and behind-the-scenes stuff.

While professional blogging does take some expense, it takes even more time. And time is something I’m in short supply of, after my day job and various other projects I have going on. Your support will help to free up that time to devote to writing more for you.

If it’s not your thing, not to worry. Nothing will change in regards to receiving free content. If you’re new, feel free to ignore this for now and enjoy the content. This is more so for those who have been enjoying articles from A Writer’s Path for weeks, months, or years and want to show their support on it continuing.

Here are some of the rewards I’m offering:

  • Have some creative control on what I post, who I interview, and the direction of A Writer’s Path
  • Exclusive writing tips articles, polls, giveaways, and contests
  • I’ll follow your Twitter account
  • If you’re a published author, I’ll tweet out a promo for your book to my 12,700 followers
  • You’ll get special access to a private service provider page I’ve put together, which gives you 10% discounts on anything from professional editing to book cover design to book narration (ongoing use)
  • Shout-outs and credit at the end of posts, with or without your website included
  • I’ll tweet out by name how awesome you are
  • Receive my book free
  • I’ll show off your fiction writing
  • Be featured on my Wall of Patrons page by name or anonymous, with or without your website included
  • Free book advertisement
  • Have a hour-long Skype chat or call with me
  • And more! (see the page for more details on the above items)

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis. This is doing what I enjoy, and I’m so glad that you all can share that journey with me.

Even if you don’t wish to do anything with it, consider checking out the Patreon page for some free, personally-written writing tips articles.












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