Five Tips for Dealing with Writer’s Block


by Felicity Annora

W R I T E R ‘ S   B L O C K S   &   B R I C K   W A L L S

Creative motors are sputtering, you ran out of enthusiasm water, and there’s a lot more dead ends then you remember seeing on the map. Where did all the brick walls come from?

Lucky for you, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that very well might make your blocks disappear with a poof!

  • Try rewriting the last scene that got you stumped. This has helped me out more than once.
  • Writers usually get blocks when they’re bored and don’t know where to go with their story. So try throwing a little action or interest into your work and see if you can’t bring your work back to life.
  • If you’re having issues writing consistently for a novel, try writing short stories instead and linking them together. With a tiny bit of editing you’ll have your novel that you’ve wanted!
  • Take a break, then come back to it later. Forcing yourself to write without energy constantly will drain the excitement from what you’re working on. You’re not going to fool your readers if you keep trying to fake it because sometimes you just don’t make it.
  • Write for you, not anybody else. If you keep writing about what others like rather than what you like, you’ll probably end up with more blocks because it’s a chore that you dread instead of a joy that you can’t wait to get back to.




Alternately titled A Writer’s Quick-Guide to Developing Your Story.

Guest post contributed by Felicity Annora. Along with being a musician, artist, and singer, Felicity also blogs about the art of writing. She’s also the contributing author to Whimsical Wordsmiths.

24 thoughts on “Five Tips for Dealing with Writer’s Block

  1. Wonderful advice. I believe the last tip helped me get over my fear of writing narrative. 😊 Helped me finish my first book. Now, about editing….😏 Yeah, I’m a grammar Viking. I correct my own posts constantly. >English Major< Thanks for all your wonderful posts.

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  2. I like the rewriting some of the sentences I do that. I go back and there is usually a sentence that will lead to more, and that helps. Often I get stuck when there are issues in the plot.

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