Contest Time! Win a Free Editing Service


It’s contest time everyone!

Lopt & Cropt Editing has generously donated two prizes for this contest. One is win-able by A Writer’s Path Writers Club members and the other by anyone.

Lopt & Cropt Editing is Sarah Pesce, a freelance editor who works with authors ready to reach their publishing happily ever-afters. She loves helping writers – and their stories – achieve their full potential. Visit for more info on her services.


Here are the prizes:

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Editorial Review – William Shatner: A Transformed Man

The Book Review Directory

Title: William Shatner: A Transformed Man

Author: Dennis William Hauck

Genre: Biography

This quote-rich biography presents a balanced view of William Shatner as a person, an actor, a husband and father, and a visionary. It features his work with Star Trek and his various cast mates without neglecting his other facets and relationships, and it is designed to be readable and interesting even for non-Trekkies (in fact, Trekkies might be disappointed by the generalized summaries of the movies and the lack of trivia about the show).

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Finding Writing Fascination (and Inspiration!)


by Shelley Widhalm

I don’t know why, but I’m absolutely fascinated with the ducks at the lagoon in downtown Loveland, Colorado.

This fascination reminds me of my fascination with writing. I have to visit the ducks—twice a day if I can, once on my way to the gym nearby and a second time when I’m taking my dog on a walk—just as I have to journal, write poems and stories, and do the more serious writing of blogs and articles.

I like watching the ducks speed race across the water to grab bugs out of the air, just as writing takes grabbing the moment and getting yourself going in that creation. Writing begins with inspiration (or with discipline and routine), giving you the needed motivation to start the process.

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My Sweet Revenge – Book Review

All Romance Reads

my sweet revenge


I want to make my husband fall back in love with me.

Let me explain. This isn’t an exercise in 1950s wifeydom. I haven’t been reading articles in old women’s magazines. ‘Twenty ways to keep your man’. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I want him to fall back in love with me so that when I tell him to get the hell out of my life he’ll care. He won’t just think, ‘Oh good’.

I want it to hurt.

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Almost Outlined: Working Past Mental Bottlenecking to Create a Killer Book Outline


by Hannah Eason

Say your novel-to-be is about rock and roll—that much is clear—and you’re ready to outline. Or rather, ready or not, you need to outline.

You sit down to your spreadsheet, blank Word doc, legal pad, or multicolored sticky notes, your head abuzz with story impressions: the thudding loudness and in-your-faceness of rock’s heyday; the rock modernists; some patchy character profiles; a main plot, three subplots, and fifteen mini plots; this idea you have to score some original rock tuneage and include it in the book—your music actually telling part of the story (not sure how—will figure out as you outline); this other idea you have to represent the dissent that frequently breaks up bands by telling your story not just in alternating narrative voices but alternating POVs; and . . . and . . . and . . .

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How to Survive Your Day Job


by Monique Hall

If you’re a writer and you’re anything like me, the title of this post would have served as click-bait. However, I’ll admit straight off the bat, the title is not my own. It’s a title that caught my attention and introduced me to Sarah Werner’s Write Now podcast. If you don’t know it, get on it! It’s a weekly podcast for any writer looking for the courage and inspiration to write every day.

In this episode in particular, Sarah tells of how many writers express to her their desire to quit their day job so they can write every day. I know I’m guilty! She goes on to talk about expectations versus reality and dreams versus fantasy. There’s no need for me to explain her ideas here as I’m sure you’ll have a listen for yourself.

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Announcing A Writer’s Path Writers Club: Creating Benefits For Writers


A Writer’s Path Writers Club


Publishing books is expensive.

Whether it’s the author or the publisher publishing a book, it costs. Between the editing, book cover design, formatting, coaching, blurb tweaking (and on and on), it amounts to quite a project on top of everything else an author is expected to do these days.

“I’ve found the most immediate support in AWP Writers Club.” -Felicia Denise, author of In the Best Interest of the Child

We’ve created A Writer’s Path Writers Club to help with this. We’ve assembled together dozens of writer-related service providers offering discounts and free services just for our members.

“I would suggest this service to any writer; it has helped me greatly since becoming a member.” -Lorena Beaver, author of The Heart of Worlds


Here’s what you can expect out of your club membership.

Up to 50% discount on services, such as:

  • Editing
  • Book cover design
  • Proofreading services
  • Ghostwriters
  • Book coaching
  • Social media marketing
  • Book advertising
  • Interior book design
  • Query critique
  • Website graphic design
  • Formatting
  • Writing courses
  • Audio book narration
  • Ebook formatting
  • Website creation
  • Virtual assistant services
  • Book trailers


Free services contributed by industry professionals, such as:

  • Free partial book editing ($60 USD value per use)
  • Free query edit ($50 value per use)
  • Free partial manuscript critique ($40 value per use)
  • Free book coaching  ($10 value per use)
  • Free query critiques  ($31.35 value per use)
  • Free partial book edit ($53 value per use)
  • Free blurb coaching  ($5 value per use)
  • Free partial book edit ($20 value per use)
  • Free “one pages” for your book  ($25 value per use)
  • Free partial book edit ($50 value per use)
  • Free proposal consultation ($100 value per use)


Plus, you’ll receive a free copy of The Idea Factory: 1,000 Story Ideas & Writing Prompts to Find Your Next Bestseller  ($2.99 value) as soon as you sign up.

“The Writers Club is great! With so many discounted and free services, I have access to everything I need, all in one place! -E. Paige Burks, author of Return to Royalty  Click here for more testimonials.


For more information about the club and how to sign up, check out our main page.