Free Editing Comes to AWP Writers Club!


Hi all!

I’m pleased to announce that A Writer’s Path Writers Club has partnered further with Liam J. Cross Writing & Editing to offer free editing services exclusively for AWP Writers Club members.

AWPWC offers lots of free things, such as free blurb coaching, free book promotion, etc., but now we can bring editing into the fold, which, as you all know, is incredibly crucial to writing and publishing.
I’ve negotiated a situation where Liam will offer editing for free in 5,000 word portions at a time at no cost to members.

The free edited portion will be publicly posted in the Writers Club with corrections, so that everyone can learn from the magic Liam creates. Speaking from experience, just when I think I know a lot about editing rules and procedures, I learn something new.

If you want to check out his other services, as he does more than editing, check out AWPWC discounted services page where Liam has a 15% coupon.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements, bringing more services, tools, and free stuff to enrich the membership at AWP Writers Club.

For those of you interested, here is the link to Liam’s services page as well as his “About” information below:

My name is Liam Cross, and I believe in fiction.

(If you get that movie reference, then we’re best friends already. No consent needed.)

I’m live in Bedlington – a small town in Northumberland, North East England. And I have a burning passion for all things written.

Writing is wonderful. It can be simple, it can be complex, richly-detailed or plainly put. It can make us laugh, it can make us cry, it can make us smile and it can make us frown. Writing makes us feel. Its power can be harnessed to evoke emotion in even the driest, dullest, most soul-draining personalities. And those are the reasons writing is so wonderfully brilliant. The reasons that caused my love for it.

I’ve loved writing ever since I can recall. Even as a small child in primary school, the craft of writing was always an interest of mine; an area in which I excelled. My early flair carried into my adolescent life. I began writing anything I could come up with: short-stories, poems, plays, TV scripts, articles, film-reviews and essays – literally anything you can imagine. You name it, I’ve tried it.

I now delegate my time to editing, and I fit in my personal work whenever I can. Which translates to hardly ever. But that’s fine, because I love the rush of emotion that sweeps over me when I send another happy client on their way with their freshly edited manuscript. It is quite simply the literary equivalent of falling in love. Only, I fall in love with books and not people.

I don’t know why that still sounds strange to me though, it’s been that way since day one…

I’m a lover of reading, appreciator of nature and also a proud conqueror of the Rubik’s cube (in 21 seconds might I add.)

All of my hobbies often double as a form of inspiration for my writing. I take inspiration from anything I can: music, reading, taking long walks in the woods or watching the rain as it splashes onto the window pane.

I am essentially on a journey to become the best version of myself possible. As a writer, an editor, an entrepreneur, a music enthusiast, a coffee drinker, a Rubik’s cube solver, an adventurer and ultimately, as a person.

Come with me on my journey, and share my passion for all things written!






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