AWP Writers Club: Get a Free Book Promotion Tweet (and Updates)


A Writer’s Path Writers Club has been in existence for a little over a month now, and we’re really picking up steam.


Here are a few updates:

  •  We’ve grown to just under 40 members
  • AWPWC now offers free editing via Liam J. Cross Editing & Writing
  • It now offers 29 discounted, writer-related serves, such as book cover design, book promotion, editing, ghostwriting, audio book narration, etc. If memory serves, that number is more than double what it was at launch.
  • We’ve heard from several successful authors, offering their insider tips
  • We’re now offering badges (one member generously designed a few new ones)
  • We’ve shelled out more than a few free blurb coaching services via Andrea Lundgren
  • Members have shared their book’s blurb and purchasing links
  • We paired up a member with a beta reader
  • Talked about plagiarism and how to avoid it
  • Discussed managing procrastination
  • Mapped out plans for the Writers Club in the future, possibly including partnerships with Literary Agencies, Publishing Houses, Literary Magazines, etc.

Plus join before October ends and receive a bonus promotional tweet for your book. To activate it, after joining between now and Oct 31st, send me an internal message within the Writers Club and give me the promo code FT8Z21.

We’ll see you there!









4 thoughts on “AWP Writers Club: Get a Free Book Promotion Tweet (and Updates)”

  1. I’ve just started blogging about my current WIP novel. I think it’s great what you’re doing here. I’ve been quoted ridiculous prices for editing. One, shall we say “renowned” group of editors wanted up to a £1000 for a 100k word book. Great blog.


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