Author Spotlight – Nov 2017


Are you in need of some new books to read? Check out these authors, ranging from newly-emerging to veteran writers.



The year is 2117. Oceans have risen fifteen feet and it’s 120 degrees in Atlanta as Neave Alvarez graduates with a degree in Climatology. But it’s a field she’s forced into by a domineering father who’s bound and determined to launch a solar shade ring into space to block the sun’s rays and cool the oceans.

But suspicions bubble up during an expedition to sunken Charleston. That’s where Neave meets the first man who’s ever vibrated her molecules, only to discover he’s a clone – a clone who asks infuriating questions about what her scientist parents are really up to.

Her quest for the truth plunges her into a dangerous world of political intrigue and dark family secrets.

In a time when clones are the new social underclass, she wrestles with doubts about whether clones have a soul and with her feelings for this cocky Shakespeare-quoting clone, in particular.


 * * *



Farhad Shirazi, a former high-ranking officer in the Shah’s army, has been hiding from Khomeini’s men in Tehran. His family and friends have managed to keep him safe from the clutches of the Pasdars – the Islamic revolutionary guards – for nine years. Presently, his hideouts have became unsafe.

The newly appointed head of the Secret Police, a vengeful opponent from the past, has made Shirazi’s capture his top priority. The general must escape from Iran or face execution. “Dreaming of America” is a fast-paced, gripping, and suspenseful story of this hunted man and his daring escape, aided by friends in America.


* * *



Arianna Jackson—AJ to her friends—and her occasionally well-behaved Alaskan Malamute, Nicoh, live a normal, uneventful, admittedly mundane existence, where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. Until it does.

Early one morning, AJ stumbles upon a horrifying scene—a girl’s body lies broken in the dumpster behind her home, her face beaten and mutilated. A secret reveals you’re living a lie…

As if that weren’t enough to upset the balance of normal, things go from bad to worse when she learns of her connection to the murdered girl. Suddenly, AJ realizes her entire life has been filled with secrets and lies. A killer hunts for you…

Together with her trusty sidekick, Nicoh, and BFF, Leah, AJ must search for answers. But can she, when finding the truth proves to be more deadly than living the lie? Would you search for the truth if you knew it could kill you?

Join AJ and her pals as they race to unravel the mystery of her past, where the pieces of the puzzle bring more questions than answers and the only certainty is the killer’s end game—AJ’s life.


 * * *



Last night Cody Kirkright was a teen age, overweight, sci-fi nerd. Today he’s an eight foot tall human juggernaut and the latest in a long line of heroes conjured up from the united minds of human kind.

Now he’s on a quest to rid humanity of a threat older than life. To do that he will battle monsters, threaten fairies, detonate fellow heroes, and face down the gods. It will take all his newfound abilities and more in a world where the dead still walk and nightmares are more real than reality itself.


 * * *



Harley Rayne, an extraordinarily ordinary and forgotten young woman, wants two simple things: For her family to acknowledge her existence, and to be important to someone. Anyone.

When Frank Essex—a wild, sexy, and often volatile flavor of trouble—happens to come into her life and be everything she thinks she needs, Harley finally feels like more than a piece of furniture. Frank not only sees her, he needs her. No one has ever needed her before.

But Frank has a secret; the same secret her family has protected her entire life.

The truth comes out when he sheds his sheep’s clothing to reveal the wolf within. The man she loves is a violent, sadistic monster, and he doesn’t take rejection easily. This time, Harley discovers running away won’t be as easy as it was before. Especially when Frank isn’t the only one hunting her down.


* * *






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