26 New Writerly Discounted Services!


Hi all.

I’ve negotiated and brought on 26 new, discounted services on A Writer’s Path Writers Club !


Here are the new entries listed below:

Owl Editing: 10% off all services: developmental edit, critique, line edit, first chapter critique, query critique, novel plotting package, or problem spot package.

Cori Wamsley Writing Services: 10% off copyediting or developmental editing services.

Atrtink Covers: First time clients: $25 off one eBook cover design or buy an eBook cover at regular price and receive a paperback layout free. (print copy must be redeemed within 30 days of eBook purchase)

Aidana WillowRaven: Cover Designer, Illustrator, and Designer: 20% off original (not custom) cover artwork and design services (e.g. title treatments, brand logos, and block formatting).

Write Plan: 10% discount on content (developmental) editing services, copyediting services, and proofreading services for manuscripts only.

Jar O’ Marbles: 15% off hourly rate (normally $25.00/hr) for book research.

Shalamar: 25% off editing, proofreading, topic research, eBook formatting, interior design, and advertising.

Infinity Flower Publishing: 15% off book cover design, editing (content, copy, proofreading), advertising, and typesetting.


To view the full list of 40 (and growing) discounted, writer-related services and to seek the promotion codes to active them, click here.




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