Book Quote Corner – Ferocious


“It’s no small thing—ending someone else’s life. There should be some sort of gravity to that, shouldn’t there? My insides are heavy, but it has nothing to do with what I did. It is only about what I have lost.”


― Ferocious, written by Paula Stokes





One thought on “Book Quote Corner – Ferocious

  1. Ending a life is sending that person to heaven, or hell without their permission, and with surprise. I believe those who die suddenly go where they were headed. But who knows. Maybe by a miracle they went on to heaven, believing for the first time. I think it is a wonderful thing to know where you will go when you die. Many people are unsure, because they haven’t a relationship. It is vital to maintain a relationship with family, and with God Almighty. I am thankful for Jesus Christ, and the work he did on the cross. I wish more would learn, and receive Him, because I don’t want to see people die who don’t know Him. They go to Hell, unless God revealed himself before they died.

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