Poll: What’s Your Favorite Type of Writing Contest?


Hi all!

I’m mulling over hosting a writing contest here on A Writer’s Path, including a cash prize and donated prizes from writerly service providers. It’d be an exciting addition to the portfolio of services, perks, tools, and opportunities we feature.

My question is, if we were to host a writing contest, what length/type of work would you most like to see as the subject of the contest? Please see the poll below to let us know what you think.

Also, if you are a writerly service provider who’s interested in donating prizes (with lots of exposure given to your services) to the event or a published author, book coach, or accomplished person in the writing community interested in judging (to add to your writerly resume), drop me a line on my “contact me” page.




9 thoughts on “Poll: What’s Your Favorite Type of Writing Contest?

  1. I never thought I’d like a contest with structure, but I entered one. Only 500 to 700 words and a given prompt. I sweat it out for a couple weeks, and thanks to a couple really good friends that read and picked it apart, I got it done. Now I wait, that is the worst part. I don’t care about the prize, I want the critiques.


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