Walmart Makes a Late Entry Into the E-Book Market


by Michael Corkery at The New York Times


Walmart is making a circuitous and belated push into the digital book market, teaming up with a Japanese company to sell e-books and audiobooks.

The deal with Rakuten, an e-commerce giant based in Japan, will allow Walmart to start selling digital books on its website for the first time later this year.

The move, which was announced late Thursday, comes years after Walmart’s archrival, Amazon, began to dominate the market for digital readers.

Walmart customers will be able to read the books through Rakuten Kobo e-reading devices — which have not taken hold with Americans the way Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook have.

The partnership is part of Walmart’s effort to ensure that its online offerings include every conceivable product line, giving shoppers no reason to click over to Amazon.


Read the rest of the article at the New York Times.





15 thoughts on “Walmart Makes a Late Entry Into the E-Book Market

  1. Ugh. I never made the switch to Kobo from the Sony Reader at least in part because of the “congratulations, you opened a book” type merit badge stuff. Not exactly an acceptable approach to dedicated readers. I can’t even imagine how bad an idea adding Walmart is going to be.


  2. I see a rise in Kobo sales on the horizon! 😂

    Many people are anti-Walmart, but Amazon’s Draconian rule leaves a bad after-taste! 😝

    This could get interesting… or maybe the evil empires will find a way to make a partnership out of all this! 😊

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  3. It’s still not clear why an E-Commerce giant like Walmart need to tie up with Rakuten and more importantly why they kept the barrier like you can read with Rakuten Kobo only. I think this has more to do with business later on. Lets keep our eyes open 🙂


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