For Bloggers: How to Post Every Day


by ARHuelsenbeck


I started my blog, ARHtistic License, in May, 2015. Soon, I was posting every day.

I’m not bragging. I’m just saying it’s doable.

Is it necessary to post every day? No.


Then why do it?

  • Because I’d like to reward my loyal followers by giving them something new to see every time they show up.
  • Because meeting a daily deadline documents an established consistency.
  • Because posting every day has made me a content-generating ninja.
  • Because I want my blog to stand out.
  • Because I just love writing so doggone much.

Isn’t it time-consuming? Yes, but you can learn to work efficiently.


Steps to daily posting:

Determine the purpose of your blog. The innovators who invented the web log (blog is a contraction of those two words) in the early days of the internet conceived it as an online diary. However, bloggers soon realized that the medium has limitless potential. It can be used to transmit ideas, information, and opinions. It can also be used to sell stuff. In my case, I use ARHtistic License to connect with other creative people. I’m also building a loyal following of readers who may purchase my future books.

Choose a theme. What is an area that interests you, that you wouldn’t mind working on to achieve a degree of expertise? Although you can post about anything you want, even if it doesn’t apply to the theme, having a focus will help “brand” your blog, and can attract the readers you’re hoping to reach. ARHtistic License’s theme is the arts and the creative process.

Create an editorial calendar. Here is the first secret of daily posting: not every post needs to be a major undertaking. A post can be 10 words—or 2000. 500 words is a good length—quickly readable, and long enough to achieve some depth. Occasionally a topic might call for 1000 words, but online attention spans are short, so don’t make long posts a habit. That said, how many major posts a week do you want to write? For me on ARHtistic License, it’s two. That keeps me challenged, but leaves me time to work on my book projects, too.

On the other five days, I post a photograph I’ve taken, or a quote, or a meme, or a video. Many other bloggers are happy to share their work as a guest post if you give them proper credit and include a link back to their site (check with them to make sure). If you can’t reach the author, most bloggers appreciate links to their work being included in your related posts, or in round-up articles.

Here is the editorial calendar for ARHtistic License:

Sunday—Weekly feature: From the Creator’s Heart (a scripture quote)
Monday—Weekly feature: Monday Morning Wisdom (a quote, usually relating to the arts or the creative process)
Tuesday—my first major article of the week
Wordless Wednesday—a photograph
Thursday—Video of the Week; also, a guest post
Friday—Weekly feature: In the Meme Time (it used to be a meme I found on social media; now, I usually make my own); Weekly feature: Creative Juice, a round-up of interesting articles I found online related to the arts and creativity
Saturday—my second major article of the week.

You know those calendars businesses or charities give you? Devote one to your blog. (If you don’t have one, buy one, or Google free printable calendars and print one.) Use it to keep track of what you’ve already written and scheduled for your blog. In a glance, you see what you need, and plan your writing time wisely.


Work ahead. This is the second secret to successfully posting every day. It takes a lot of pressure off you if you don’t have to come up with something for the next day. I try to work a month ahead.

And those little quickie features, like photos and memes and quotes, I create in batches, and schedule them for a future date. I also save links to great articles I read online, and mine them for guest posts and round-up articles.

I actually have some posts scheduled for nine months from now…

So, you see, using these strategies, you really can post on your blog every day without losing your sanity.

What do you think? How often do you currently post? Are you satisfied with that frequency, or do you want to ramp it up a little? Share your thoughts in the comments below.




Guest post contributed by ARHuelsenbeck. Former elementary general music teacher ARHuelsenbeck blogs about the arts and the creative process at ARHtistic License. She is currently writing a YA mystical fantasy and a Bible study guide, and submitting a poetry chapbook, with mystery and MG drafts waiting in the wings. You can see some of her artwork, photography, and quilts on Instagram.

30 thoughts on “For Bloggers: How to Post Every Day

  1. Right now, I can barely eek out a monthly blog post. Your organization and methods are commendable, but having to wade through priorities doesn’t allow me the opportunity right now. Things could change. I’m hopeful. 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Great strategy, I’m going to start trying to implement these to help me become more consistent. I’m not going to lie, it really does seem like its going to take a lot of diligence to discipline myself in this way, but I’m up for the challenge!

    Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 3 people

  3. An ineresting and helpul piece of writing. I particularly liked your reasons for daily posting, after all, your followers take the time to read your posts so it is worth giving them something to mull over on a daily basis. Thanks.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I always post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with specific themes for each of those days. I schedule Monday and Wednesday in advance. Friday is devoted to a WOTD writing prompt. I reserve Tuesday and Thursday for writing to a WOTD prompt with short stories about Clark the Cat and Life at Cabela’s (when the muse is a-musing.)

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Excellent tips here – I am trying my best to be a more frequent blogger … what does one do when one’s full time jobs saps away all creativity one might have, so that when one does actually find time to sit down to blog… one doesn’t have much to say..!?

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I suggest keeping a small notebook in your pocket so you can jot down ideas as they come to you. Can you take a short walk on your lunch hour? I get good ideas when I’m moving. If you have a phone with a camera, you can take cool pictures (I always see something interesting or pretty when I walk) and turn them into memes or write short posts about them.

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  6. I’m impressed with your dedication to blogging everyday. I feel like as a reader though if someone posts daily I only enjoy it if it’s a travel blog. I follow a few who like you might just post a quote or a photo and I guess it just seems a tad redundant to me; like posting just for the sake of posting. I’d much rather follow a blog that focuses on content even if it means only posting once a week or even every few weeks. Just my thoughts 🙂

    Liked by 5 people

    1. You’re entitled to your thoughts, Tracy. My blog, I have five different blogs, and they all promote authors, this is the only one in which I not only promote authors but share tips and ideas for authors.
      Hugz on owl wings! @v@ ❤


  7. “Work ahead.” This is something that had just occurred to me before reading your post. Some days blog posts fly off the keyboard; other days I may not be where I can write or post even one. The idea of writing down the fast-coming ones and saving them to post on those other days makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

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