Book Quote Corner – Sheriff and Priest


“That first view down the Cathedral nave stayed with him for the rest of his days. 

They went in the great door at the West, and the columned pillars, galleried arches and soaring rib vaults tore his eyes upwards. He stood rooted in the middle of the doorway, lost in the wonder, until Jean pulled his arm to make him move. Then his gaze dropped from the heights to the end of the church, where a Bishop’s chair on a pedestal at the end was made a tiny toy by the distance, then back past the long double row of wooden choir stalls, and up to the high altar.

The far end of the church – the monastery end – was bright with the last of the evening sunshine lighting the painted walls; but the stone nearest to him was plain, a soft pale gold.”


 – Sheriff and Priest, written by Nicky Moxey







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