New Writers Club Perks!


Hi all!

There are several new perks available to the members of our Writers Club.


Writers Club members now have access to

  • A list of over 160 book review bloggers, listed by genre and links (and some by follower count/website stats)
  • 10% off eBook and print formatting: Polgarus Studio
  • 20% off copy edits, story arc planning, and/or general formatting: Derek Marx Editing
  • Free 20 page sample edit (per use): Derek Marx Editing
  • 15% off (max $200 USD) on their regular editing rates: Anima Editing
  • Free 2,000 word sample edit (per use): Anima Editing
  • 10% off a book sales page critique: A Writer’s Path (our new service)


For more information, check out the main club page.

More to come. Enjoy!





3 thoughts on “New Writers Club Perks!

  1. Since I have not a single spare dollar, I’m interested in whatever is free. So I’d like to know: of that list you mention – 160 bloggers of book reviews – is it free to get them to review one’s book? I would think not, but… do you know? And would you know the range of price they charge? Thanks so much!


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