Inspiration is an integral part of the writing process, without it you are stuck. I don’t have a lot of problems with inspiration; it seems to overrun my mind. However, once I started a book with giant eagles (Shahira and the Flying Elfs) and was so busy with promoting my already published books that a year went by, before I knew it. When I tried to continue writing it, I wasn’t sure where to start and nothing came to mind. Now that in itself is strange for me…I always have ideas running trough my head.


What did I do?

  1. I watched a movie about eagles and went to an eagle presentation in the aviary and asked some questions and I was on my way again. Shahira and the Flying Elfs received an award after publication.

Watching movies in the subject you are writing will help with ideas. Have a notepad when you watch anything. You never know when a face, a place or a scene will spark an idea.


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Other things that you could do are:

2. Watching a documentary on something that pertains to your book genre, will also help.

3. Read books and magazines in your subject. You can use them for free from the library.

4. Google the theme you are going to write about and see what ideas you get.

5. Visit author’s blogs and read about writing.

6. Be a people watcher (without staring.) It is amazing what people do or say, that may inspire you.

7. Music can be an inspiring thing by itself. I wrote a romance novel while I listened to my favorite romantic music. My fingers couldn’t go fast enough for my brain.

8. Arts or a museum could help to start the creative juices. The color and the scenes portrayed in them are inspiring.

9. Watch children at play. They do and say the cutest things and have great imaginations.

Now go, and happy writings to you…



This guest post was contributed by award winning author Anna del C. Dye. She writes clean tales in the Young Adult medieval romance genre.