What Should I Write About?

Whenever I’m listening to another writer’s Q&A on writing, this question seems to pop-up every now and again. I never understood why it would be asked or what kind of answer was expected until I got stuck.

I would love to be a writer and I would love to be published so it’s important to me that I remember it’s not an impossible dream by listening to those who have done it. So I listen to their advice, I learn that I should know my target audience and my genre and if I want to be a writer I need to engage with writing communities and get my name out there. 


I’ve given this advice and I have taken it, now I wish I’d never heard it.

I’m an introvert and I also struggle with social anxiety so creating a social media page with my own work, life and personal struggles on it is something I’d always stay clear of. Personally, I’m quite happy living a quiet life with minimum social interaction. Right now I’m happy working in retail, even though it is a dead-end job. I like my space, I like that most of my time is spent in my room it’s got books, it’s green, it’s my school (since I study online) and it’s my gym (ever since I started Insanity).

I’ve heard from a lot of writers that I should break out of my comfort zone and join social media but when I was writing daily quotes for Instagram I didn’t love it. I hated what I was writing and I know it sucked. If I didn’t love taking pictures and designing the composition for each photo I would have quit a lot sooner. It’s such a small thing but I would get panicked over what I would do next, I felt like I had to do more and I always had to change to be better.


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It was stopping me from writing, I was getting stressed. I’d spend days lying in bed and not doing anything until I went to work and there I had a job and I could get distracted until the next day when the same thing happened. I stopped studying for my final exam, I got convinced my entire life was running into a brick wall and my life was screwed.

It seems unpopular advice but if broadcasting yourself doesn’t make you happy or you have to change what your writing for your audience or genre to something that you don’t like, don’t do it. 

Deleting Youtube and my Instagram, putting Facebook in a separate folder on its own page on my iPhone so I don’t just look at it and jump right in all the time has made me so much happier. If I’m not writing for myself then I’ll be miserable and I won’t want to be writing at all but now writing has become fun again. I can only write about things I want to write about.

There’s so much advice to take on and things that I, as a writer, should be doing that it’s easy to forget self-care comes first. Even at the cost of your marketing. I’m a writer, my mind is kind of the core of my creativity,  I should be thinking about that.



This guest post was contributed by Chloe-Anne Ross. Chloe-Anne is a student in Glasgow, a recovering coffee addict with a good imagination. Alternately titled “What Should I Write About?” and the Reason Behind My Writer’s Block.