We have a new service available: beta reading services.

As writers and authors know, feedback is crucial, and having more of it is always a good thing, but finding people to beta read for you can be a challenge. For those who struggle to find beta readers to read and offer feedback on their work, our service will go a long way.

We offer packages of one, three, five, or ten beta readers, who will all read your book simultaneously, so that you don’t have to wait, all writing up their own report of their findings for you to digest later.

It solves a lot of problems for authors, and we’re excited to see how it’ll do for many of you.

For the unveiling of this new service, we’re offering a 10% discount for anyone who orders in the next 48 hours. Coupon code: HK9V3

For more information, check out the details page for our beta reading services.