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The blurb is the short paragraph or two that typically graces the back cover of your work. It’s also what potential readers will look at when deciding whether to buy your book online. It hints at who the main characters are, what the story is about, and what readers can expect to enjoy when they buy your book (not if…let’s be optimistic, right?).

Or, if you’re going the traditionally published route, you might need something longer. A full page or two that tells agents and publishers exactly what happens in your book, from beginning to end, hitting all the major plot points.

But how do you condense a full-length work (or even a novella) into a paragraph or two (or ten)? How do you know if readers will have the right idea after reading your blurb?

This is where Blurb and Summary Coaching comes in.

  • A flat fee for either service. Blurbs cost $5 for the entire, back and forth dialogue (up to three revisions), and full page summaries cost $10 (also up to three revisions).
  • The benefit of a dialogue and not a review. Once you write up a blurb or summary, I’ll send back my thoughts, encouragements, and suggestions, and you’ll get another shot…and then another. And if you prefer one of my suggestions to one of your own, you’re welcome to use it at no extra charge.
  • The insights of someone who knows the industry. I’ve been a professional reader, reviewer, writer, and book coach for years now, and I’m familiar with current market trends and tactics. I know what goes into a blurb…and what should stay inside the back cover.


Why Blurbs and Summaries Matter

Like it or not, your work will be judged by both its cover and its blurb. Even if you have the greatest and most polished story inside, readers won’t always click the “look inside” button, or get past the back cover in a bookstore. And agents will determine whether your story has the kind of strength they’re looking for based on the summary and blurb. These condensed gems need to show your writing skills and characters at their best, and that’s what Blurb and Summary Coaching offers you–professional feedback so you can get it right the first time, since agents and readers won’t always give you a second chance.

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