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As a book reviewer, Andrea Lundren regularly discusses a novel’s strengths and weaknesses in a summarized way for the sake of potential readers, but through Book Coaching, she offers a more detailed, chapter-by-chapter response so authors can gain insight on potential problem areas before a book is published.

Book Coaching is designed to strengthen a novel (or novella) and improve its marketability through discussions about the book’s goals, focus, characterization, description, world-building, and plot.

Book Coaching is not beta reading, proofreading, or editing, but a form of literary engineering where she discusses the unique challenges inherent in your story and examines various options so you can find your answer–not a manufactured “right-way”–but your own personal answer to problems in your novel through questions, suggestions, dialogue, and comments.

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Over the past ten years, she’s read, reviewed, and researched books as an academic and professional reader. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing and a Bachelor of Science in Drama, Television, and Film, and she’s been trained to develop depth in stories, looking at how the written word informs and creates believable, understandable characters, plots, and fictional worlds.

Over the years, she’s noticed that many authors (even those published through the “big imprints”) often need help in two areas: knowing how something strikes a reader and knowing how to get their vision onto paper in a real, relatable way, where the story, characters, and fictional world “make sense.” And that’s where Book Coaching comes in.


The Coaching Process

Your story doesn’t need to be finished in order to benefit from Book Coaching. In fact, some authors prefer to let her look at the first few chapters or an early draft so they can get influential feedback sooner rather than later, helping them avoid extra rewrites.

This Book Coaching service is only available for works that meet the PG-13 criteria (for language, violence, and sexual content), but feel free to contact her to confirm if your book falls outside her scope. She primarily coaches in the Literary fiction, Middle School, Young Adult, New Adult, and Fantasy genres, but she welcomes hybrids and works that fall outside these categories, too.

Here’s how Book Coaching works:

  • The first chapter is free, so you can “test drive” to see if coaching helps or not. After that, the rate is $1 per every 1,000 words, with the word count rounded down to the nearest thousand-word increment to offset any word counting software errors.
  • You pay as you go. Payment is split up in increments, with the final payment due after the last chapter. You can thus get coaching-as-you-write, rather than waiting for the finished product, and you can pay in installments as you both make your way through your work.
  • You receive both positive and negative feedback. Book Coaching is designed to let you know what works, what you did well, and where your writing shines, and not just where the problems are. You may be a work-in-progress and still learning your craft, but her job. as she sees it, is to help you become the best writer you can be and not just cut your work to ribbons with a red pen.
  • All payment is done via Paypal, so there are no privacy or security issues for either party.
  • Confidentiality. She does not discuss her Book Coaching projects with other clients or writing friends, and she does not keep your writing files after the coaching process is over. What happens during coaching stays in coaching.
  • You determine the level of coaching. Choosing from a chapter-by-chapter dialogue, character exploration and analysis, or just a basic list of comments and reactions, she can customize her response to meet the level of participation and interaction that best fits with your own writing style.

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