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Beta Reading Services

Feedback is hard to get for authors.

Usually the feedback authors do get comes from friends, family, or bloggers. The challenge with feedback from these sources is that it often is either too sugar-coated or takes to long to be useful. People who are too close to you are often hesitant to tell you the things you really need to hear, and sometimes it takes them so long to read the book and offer feedback that it might be long published by the time they get back to you.

On top of that, authors usually find it difficult to discover enough people willing, as it usually takes multiple people giving feedback to generate any sort of consensus of opinion.

We solve all of those problems for authors.


We offer beta reading services that is timely, prompt, honest, and insightful. We don’t shy away from saying what needs to be improved, but we also offer compliments and praise for what you get right. After all, you’ve worked hard on your book, and it deserves to shine. We call it “beta,” but your book can be at any stage of the process, even post-published, for us to work on it.

Beta reading services do not cover grammar or spelling errors. For that, feel free to head over to our copyediting service page.

All members of our beta reading team have signed non-disclosure agreements confirming that any work submitted to them for beta reading purposes is the rightful intellectual property of the author, and it will not be shared or discussed with members of the public.

We also offer groups of beta readers. Want to hear what three people think of your book? Or ten? We’ve got you covered, all reading your book simultaneously, so you don’t have to wait.


What we accept:

-Fiction manuscripts, all genres

-Non-fiction manuscripts, all sub-genres

-Short manuscripts, such as picture books and chapter books

-Incomplete manuscripts, such as a story you’re working on

-Partial manuscripts, such as the first 10 chapters or chapters 15-25 (if it doesn’t start at the beginning, we’ll require a story summary, which is included in the word count)


What you’ll receive:

-One, three, five, or ten beta readers (depending on the package you order) from our team will read your book simultaneously.

-A comprehensive report, covering different categories of your writing, anything from Characters, to Plot, to Setting, etc. Length: 2-3 pages.

-Each beta reader will answer up to 10 questions you propose, so that we’re telling you exactly what you want to know (optional).

-A turnaround time of 4-6 weeks. If our queue is full, or if your book is exceptionally long, and this needs to be extended, we’ll let you know before you pay for your order.



-One beta reader, generating one report:  $0.0025 per word

-Three beta readers, generating three reports:  $0.007 per word

-Five beta readers, generating five reports:  $0.01 per word

-Ten beta readers, generating ten reports:  $0.019 per word


All packages have a minimum purchase of 30,000 words, even if the book is shorter than 30,000.

To begin, fill out the form below. Once we receive it, we’ll email you a Paypal invoice within 24 hours.

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