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He’s a failing rock star, struggling to get back on track with a hit album. If only he could get the night on the bridge out of his head. It’s threatening to ruin everything, his life, his career, and his relationship with Hazel.

She’s a lonely career woman, looking around her new, empty house, wondering how she’s going to fix it up mostly on her own. Jeff’s been working so hard lately, and they’ve hardly seen each other. People keep asking about her mystery man, and she’s running out of answers.

Maybe it’s time to find them.


Start reading Two Hearts in a Grave and discover a different kind of love story.


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He only has one chance to learn the truth.

Almost losing his wife and daughter in one night changes Ray Sinner’s life forever. With Charlotte still missing, Ray can’t trust anyone but himself to find the answers.

Helen can’t remember what happened that night, although with flashes starting to come back to her, the pieces are coming together. But when she finds a body in the attic, everything changes, and the enemy she knows might be the most terrifying.

With headless bodies turning up all over London, he’s starting to think everything is connected, and he might not have as much time as he thought.

Start reading Sinner today to begin your next gripping thriller.


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At five years old living in south Australia, Tom Anderson witnesses his grandmother’s death at the hand of a stranger, just before hearing of a book she left him. This book, as he comes to find out, translates English into a strange language and tells stories about a people called the Erstürmen.

Eleven years later, he’s tricked into travelling to the very world described in the blue book using a pair of glass eyes given to him by a ghostly, old woman. The way home becomes more complicated, as he’s caught up in an assassination plot, and the swirling political undercurrents of this fantastical world threaten Tom’s life in ways he never knew possible.

Joined by a friendly stone-grell, Tom attempts to navigate this new realm and make it home in one piece.

Start reading When Darkness Descends and discover your next great fantasy story.


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Nicholas Stone wakes in a pool of sweat. He dreamed a vision where his people are destroyed by the arrival of a foreign army under the cover of darkness. The peaceful country of Hohala is in danger.

The gods forbid bloodshed, so the king calls for an evacuation, leaving Nicolas demanding they defend themselves. He will not abandon his homeland. Unable to convince the king, Nicolas consults the gods in a forbidden land for help, but instead finds an unlikely ally: an infant dragon. In the wilderness, they create an unshakable bond, and soon it becomes clear that the creature is turning into a formidable weapon.

Armed with his new friend, the Hohala princess, and a traitor from the ranks of the enemy, Nicolas must find a way to drive out the ravishing Volcarons before they tear down everything he loves.

If you enjoy tales of dragons and young adult fantasy adventure, then you’ll love Augee: Guardian of Hohala.


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On the capital planet of the Kajian Empire, Atae learns what life is like as a half-breed.

Unable to shift into the dangerous, animalistic form called Battle Beasts like the purebred Kaji, Atae has to learn other ways to fight to graduate the Academy and win the Tournament, and with that, her citizenship.

But when waiting for a routine training session, Atae is attacked by a ruthless mercenary, pushing back her training by weeks while creating a rift inside her, turning into a new shifting ability unknown to her people. Desperate to keep it secret, Atae continues with her training, all the while knowing that if she’s discovered, she’ll be pulled from the Tournament…or worse.

If she doesn’t learn to control her new powers, she might not make it to the big event, much less survive it.

If you enjoy engrossing world building and white-knuckled fantasy adventure, you’ll love Kaji Warriors: Shifting Strength.


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They must save the realm…if they don’t destroy it first.

Everyone in the castle is slowly dying. Built on bedrock, the ancient castle of Wichsault is surrounded by a black, raging sea and a primeval forest. Alien insects, the Chomites, have destroyed the neighboring village of Mournburn, the castle’s only source of food. Now a dark cloud capable of rotting flesh and stone creeps from the tree line.

Morwen, a malevolent warlock, is charged with looking after the sick, but she’d rather poison them than listen to their constant moaning. Before the occupation, the captain of the guard and Morwen’s future brother-in-law, Goron, drank himself into oblivion and chased anything in a skirt. Now they realize they must work together to not only save the castle, but stay alive in the process.

Joined by a cowardly ranger hunted by his past and a demon who eats anybody and anything, this unlikely group of heroes will soon discover what they’re truly up against.

If you enjoy elaborate worlds and sword and sorcery adventure, then you’ll love this page-turning fantasy by Simon McHardy.


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When Meg and Brekken find a mysterious flyer hanging in the entryway of a record store, they consider it their ticket to a better life. It’s advertised as a game—enter a door, find an object, and collect the prize money. Simple as that.

But when each door turns out to be a portal to another world, things get complicated fast. Once she encounters a magician, an evil king, and a mystical Tree of Life, paying her way through college with the prize money are now the least of her worries. Joined by Carter, the quarterback of the football team back in her own world, Meg is forced to navigate her feelings for him while trying to stay alive.

A simple game turns into a secret society initiation, but Meg might not realize it until it’s too late.

If you enjoy fantasy stories with high stakes of love and adventure, indulge in Heather Kindt’s The Green Door.



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The world’s savior will kill them all.

George Adams, the head of JCN Computers, leads the charge to be the first to create the world’s most advanced Artificial Intelligent entity, shaped in man’s image, but the resemblance stops there. Nicknamed The One, the program learns faster than anyone imagined and soon is solving the world’s problems, but only on its own terms.

According to The One, the solution to disease, war, and death is to help humans to be more like itself: bodiless, and how it goes about that is the stuff of nightmares. Groups of people spring up to try and stop the runaway program, but it comes down to George and a small group of friends to come up with the answer.

Their mission: defeat something smarter than humans and lacking all sense of empathy and mercy.
The stakes: all life on Earth.












*Some of the blurbs above might have been adjusted further before becoming the final version on the author’s product page.