Book Cover Design Services


We will create a custom designed ebook cover for your book. The dimensions we go by are ideal for Kindle, Smashwords, B&N, Apple, Kobo, etc.  (1563×2500 / 1:6 / Amazon recommended for Kindle).

This service includes design, shading, blending, cropping, fx, special lettering, and more than one stock image, if needed.

Genres covered include, but not limited to, fantasy, science fiction, romance, erotica, non-fiction, horror, women’s fiction, chick lit, historical fiction, YA, etc.

For an additional charge, we can also create a 3D version of the same book cover, which looks great when marketing the book.

At this time, we’re only providing ebook covers and not print covers.


Rates in USD:

$110 for one 2D book cover. Invoices are sent via Paypal.

We typically create 2-3 book cover designs, using your preferences and instructions, and you pick the one you like the best. We quote our turn-around time at 1-2 weeks, although we average one week.


We look forward to working with you! For the next step, kindly fill out the form below (beneath the samples) to get started.


Samples (click for enlargement):
















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