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Guardian of the Gauntlet is WPWC’s featured book of the month!

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Camari and Mila are two sisters who are princesses and live in the kingdom of Harroway. One day they encounter Prince Denir from the kingdom of Thalon. He was given a special gauntlet that has special powers, but only when used by one who has a belief in a higher power.

One day he turns Camari invisible. A problem occurs when Denir is called off to war and Camari is left invisible. There is an enchanted bog witch named Bogwina and a wicked magician named Mecandel who are conniving to steal the gauntlet. The journey takes Camari through the wetlands of Fremil after she meets Prince Isryk of Bredin who is her guide.

She encounters many awful creatures along the way. In the end she discovers that she has been given a great gift by her higher power.






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