Discounted Services

Here’s the page for the discounted services, exclusively for my patrons via my Patreon page.

To receive your discount, contact the service providers through the links and give them the provided discount code. If you have any questions regarding the services, you’ll speak with them on it.


Jeff Brown Graphics: 10% on your first purchase up to $500. If the purchase is more than $500, it will be $50 off. Discount code: JB4H15

Emily Nemchick Editing and Proofreading Services: 10% off her copy editing and proofreading package: Discount code: EM8T96

Liam J Cross Writing and Editing: 15% off all services, from ghostwriting to editing to social media marketing. Discount code: LC3X41

Write Dream Repeat: 10% discount applied to: Pretty Penny Template Design & Typesetting, Silver Dime Template Design & Typesetting, and Gold Dollar Custom Design & Typesetting. Discount code: WD7L16

Karen Commins – Audiobook Narrator and Voiceover Artist: 10% off her finished hourly rate for turnkey, complete audiobook production to create a retail-ready audiobook. This rate includes her narration fee, her director, and her editor/proofer who edits, proofs, corrects, and masters the final audiobook recording so that it’s ready for upload to or other distributors. Discount code: KC1K77

Laura Lee Anderson – Editing Services: 10% off any one of her editing services. Discount code: LL9R82

Victoria Griffin Editing Services: 10% off any service up to $1,000 in value and 10% off any of her online courses (Edit Like a Pro and The Query Course). Discount code: VG4U45




If you have a book or writing-related service and would like to be listed, contact me here.



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